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Question on steel


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Yes I know if grader, dozer, etc. edges will make good knives. NO it won't, it's the wrong kind of steel on almost every level. The stuff is first abrasion resistant at a level that will just eat grinding wheels, cups, belts, etc. unless you're willing to spend the $ for blue. Then it's impact resistant to the point of stopping 72,000lbs. of 30mph Cat 14d road grader within a couple inches of snagging a manhole without bending. 

With some imagination you can make a workable shear with it. If you need to grind it low read heat and a stone cup are your best bet.

The stuff is tempting but it's designed so "perfectly" for what it does it's not much good for anything else. I have a couple few pieces if anybody's interested.

Frosty The Lucky.


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Only thing I have is grandpa's posthole diggers.  Schedule 80 pipe handles & 3/4"square bar for a box hinge.  Forged grader blades for the shovels.

Those things will dig thru pure shale or limerock, no problem, but you'd better have your big-boy britches on.

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