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Heat treating L6, MA5M

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Rich, some kinves, what else???? :D

Pault17, I'm from Italy (I just updated my profile). thanks for the link.

markb, thank you for your scan! I found a piece of circular saw and I wanna try to make a knife with it. I have also some MA5M... I'm serarching info.

Thomas, I'm downloading chapter 4 of the ASM handbook: "heat treating". seems really interesting!


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Good Point most standard heat treat texts are based on items with at least 1" square cross section. Knives being *small* often skew things; like a standard water hardening steel will do better in wam oil, an oil hardening steel may harden in air in the breeze from a fan, etc.

I've met some BNK (big name knifemakers) whose copy of the reference texts are so full of annotations and papers that they bulge to nearly twice their size.

What it gets down to is that the reference works are a good place to start and then your testing and experience with a steel will modify their suggestions---why many makers suggest learning *1* steel throughly and then adding another alloy to your repertoire.

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One of the problems with an international site like this is that we tend to forget each nation has its own set of specifications and steel identification numbers. There are some cross references but they are ususally incomplete. I looked up MA5M in Woldman's Engineering Alloys (1500 pages in 1962) and did not find it. Could be an alloy unique to Italy.

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