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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Belgium

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Hi everyone,

My name is Cornelius, I come from Indonesia but currently staying in Brussel-Belgium. I've been making knives for 5 years (usually for my personal use) but start learning how to forge a blade and other tools (hammer, punches, etc.) for the last 2 years, and fell in love with this craft. I still have a lot to learn that is why join this forum. My English is not very good so I try my best to not embarrass my self ;) 



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You would not believe how many edits it takes me to get a post out some days; I've had to train myself to *use* the warnings the browser's editor produces before hitting submit and even then I've had to hit edit a time or two more on a one line post!  While your idiom is distinctive, it's not unique.

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Thomas, I hope you had a good experience when visiting my country, it's been 20+ years and you still remember the words you do have a good memory.


Charles, thanks for the warm welcome, and yes you should try some of our food, but I do not recommend you to eat the food from my hometown Manado-North Sulawesi, it is to spicy and sometimes we use "unususal" meats (please don't bother to google it, there is some nasty picture you don't wanna see)


Slag, I do agree great spelling sometimes is overrated, but for me it is also the best way to learn other language..

and yes google is really helpful for me.



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I was mainly in Jakarta with a small bit of time in the countryside, (one weekend of the 30 day business trip).  People were effusively friendly, I enjoyed the food, I had a great Goat Satay I still remember.  I tried to avoid the American Fast Food places.  I was able to go to the National Museum for a tour given in English.  It was a great experience!

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Indonesian food is one of the premier cuisines in the world. (along with classic French, Provincial French, regional Chinese, & Indian, to name a few.) I love & have been cooking Southeast Asian cuisine for 50 years..

Thomas if you could remember the name of that satay, I would be happy to send you the recipe. (or perhaps you could describe it. I know that it has been a long time but you never know.)

Southeast Asian ingredients have been available since at least the time when many Vietnamese emigrated to the U.S and started ethnic grocery stores. (I now had a source for ingredients like galangal,  trassi,, kenchur, krupuk etc., etc.).

As for hot food;  sliced cucumber is the antidote for a hot spot eruption.

I think we are getting off topic Herr SLAG.


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Thomas, I am glad you had a good time in Indonesia, you are very welcome to come again and maybe next time i'll be your guide :) 


Slag, you really impress me with your knowledge in foodism, i wish i can try one of your specialty someday


Anyhow, before we go to far out of track, lets get back to blacksmithing

I forge twice a week, i don't own blacksmith/bladesmithing workshop, so I go to a place called La Forge d'Ostiches (Ath-Belgium), it is not so far from where I live (compare to all the knowledge, experience and fun I get from this place), it's only one hour drive and this is some pictures of that place. 




I can not forge at my place because I live in apartment and I don't have enough space, but I do have a backyard (i live in ground floor) with a small cabin which I use mainly for grinding and preparing my material.




and this is where I preparing my knife handle and other stuff


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