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I've been reading back through the archive of posts and have been find one or more members posts that appear to have been deleted and now only show .................

I'm wondering what happen with that member and why his posts were removed?

hopefully I'm not stepping on any toes or digging up bad history.

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I'll let Glenn explain this one, Larry, as he is the site admin. I think I know the reason, but don't know if it is my place to answer it. I am sure he has a better explanation than me for it.

Luckily, what happened there helped improve the site, In My Opinion.

aaron c.

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I thought it was former members posts but I didn't know that they were the one's changing their own old posts. That just seems wrong.

Is there any way to block editing a post after say a week but not lock down the thread itself?

Often I will edit a post once or twice immediately after posting to correct spellings and such but after a week, even one full hour it seems like the post should stay as it.

Thanks for the FYI Glenn!

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The certain individual(s) decided they wanted to change the rules and not keep it a family forum. We banned them from the site and IForgeIron is still a family forum.

The guide lines are explained in the registration form and by sticky posts that remain at the top of the forum

Site Guide Lines

The Blacksmith Forum is a family site. The standards are set high. You are expected to conduct yourselves as gentlemen and ladies. Your posts are to be civil, polite, and respectful of others and their opinions. There are to be no "bad words", no personal attacks, and it should be able to be read from the front of the church on Sunday with no one being embarrassed.

The site is a way to exchange information. You may question or comment as you wish within these guide lines. Additional guide lines may be added as needed, and additions made to the rules of registration, and any disclaimers as needed.

I charge each of you with assisting me in keeping the site a family site, a clean site, and operating within the guidelines set forth. I do not expect any problems, but if they were to occur, please contact me directly with your concerns.

You can discuss a topic till your blue in the face, but be prepared to back up your opinion with references, URL's, Blueprints, or some form of information that we can look at and review. When the discussions get personal, or name calling starts, the admins get alerted and you will be banned from the site.

Keeping the IForgeIron site the wonderful resource that you currently enjoy, requires everyone to be watchful and to report any problems to the admins. The admins will review the material and fix the problem.

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