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Just finished blade.


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Not sure what to call this, When I first started this, I planned on it being a camp type knife useful in many things but not specific to any. 

And then the problems started, I had an issue with sanding, not sure if its the 2x4 i use to clamp things too, or my newbishness to blame, but once I hit 500g I could not help but create swirly scratches both about 1 inch from the ricasso, and about 1/2 inch from the tip.  On a random hunch, I decided to give my buffer wheel a try, something which has terrified me to no end after reading about the fact a buffer wheel can pull a knife out of a makers hand and bury it into a wall, or the chest of the maker in a split second. 

At 220g and buffed, it was nice, but I did decide to go up to 500g and then buff it, which while not a full out mirror finish, is the closest I have ever come to such a finish. On the next one I plan to go all the way up to 2000g and give buffing another try. 

its 5160 steel, Brass pins, and Bocote scales, as it sits right now it still needs a real edge, I roughed it out on my belt grinder ( another first, I normally do it by hand ) so that is another first for me,  But this is probably the best knife I have produced to date, and am quite happy with the results even if its not collector quality. 





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Looks very nice. Clean lines, great finish, and functional to boot.  It's good that you are wary of the buffer. Keep the blade on the lower quadrant, wear a heavy leather apron, and don't be distracted in the slightest way. Make sure the buffer is not bench mounted and the blade has a clear path to the floor in the event it gets thrown. You don't want it bouncing off of your workbench!

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