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Anvil Identification And Questions On The Anvil

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I found this anvil in an ad on Kijiji. The seller is in Saskatchewan, Canada. It weighs 88 pounds, and he says it is over 100 years old. the price is $375, and I want to know if this is a good price or if it is overpriced, as I am new to this and it will be my first anvil. here are some pictures of the anvil.




The photo on the end is the make of the anvil, I think. But i couldn't find anything, so if anyone here knows anything please tell me if it is a good anvil and is worth the price. 


Sorry that the photos are so small, so here is the link to the ad. you can see the name better.


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Welcome aboard Easton G, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many Iforge folk live within visiting distance. You'll learn more in an afternoon with an experienced smith than weeks or months teaching yourself, been there.

The pics won't enlarge for me so I can't offer an opinion about that anvil. Price is what folk will pay, not what a person is asking, what they are going for is largely dependent on location. Alaska for example sees anvils selling for well over $5.00/lb. and going before the ink is dry on the Ebay add. The maker is a big factor of course a Hay Budden or Peter Wright in  good condition is a high quality tool and pretty darned valuable where a Chinese or Mexican cast iron ASO (Anvil Shaped Object) is barely worth more than scrap price simply because you CAN use the hardy hole.

VALUE is a different thing entirely, what is it worth to you? How hard is it to find blacksmithing tools where you live? How much do YOU want an anvil? If you do some reading here you'll find that a lot of us experienced folk don't need a London Pattern anvil and recommend you just find something to work on and start developing your skills. Look for your dream anvil in a leisurely manner, you'll find better tools for better prices.

Frosty The Lucky.

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On August 1, 2016 at 9:44 AM, ThomasPowers said:

If it hasn't lost it's temper in a structure fire; it's a decent anvil brand, a bit small but usable.   I start out some of my students on an 80 pound anvil---of course it's a piece of mild steel scrap and ran US$15 per piece. 

Thanks for the help 



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