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introduction and question


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Hello all, been checking out the forum for a while and have decided to build a brake drum forge to start to learn.

I have tried to search but didnt see the answer to my question my apologies if ive overlooked it

i was planning on a small table or mantle in which i would cut a hole for the drum i would like to know what the min thickness is for metal in contact with the drum


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Make the table 24 x 24 or so with a lip to hold extra solid fuel and tongs, rake etc. You can use the space to pile up fuel for a larger fire.

Depending on the type work you do and the fuel you use, you may want to play with the set up for a while to figure out where the sweet spot of the fire is located. It is then easy to build the table top level with the sweet spot so you just put the metal flat on the table and your good to go.

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the table shouldn't event get red hot if your using a brake drum as your fire pot, nothing to worry about. if you do put a lip around the edge to hold green coal, tongs, ect ( that's assuming youre using coal) than be sure to put two slots on either  side of your fire pot so that you can heat up the middle of a long piece of stock.

here is a picture from google that I found.



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Might I suggest exploring other options than a brake drum. Their are some draw backs to their use and fabrication issues to overcome.

i personaly prefer sideblast forges as they are easer to build and more versatile, tho not as portible as bottom blast forges (most designs) look at the Glenn's "55 forge" series for examples and ideas. Remember forges predate cast iron fire pots and coal use. 

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