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firepot depths

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5 minutes ago, Daswulf said:


^this^ is the absolutely correct answer.

But just to screw with a correct answer vs what's out there, I'll mention that a commercial Centaur coal firepot comes from the factory at effectively 4" deep max and about 3-1/4 min depending on which way you mount/use it.  

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Yes, No or Maybe depending on information you have not provided.   Can you tell me how much water I need to fill this container?  Why not?

What fuel will you be using?  What method of pushing air into it?  What will you be using it for?  (A forge to heat 2.5" sq stock may be different than one to heat 1/4" sq stock...)

If you will be using chunk charcoal I would suggest a deeper firepot especially if you plan to be using it for forge welding; but fairly narrow.

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It depends on what you make and how you do it. I am using what in Sweden (and Germany) is referred to as a field forge (Fältässja). They were used by cavalry farriers in the field. So there is a lot of them around and they are still made and popular among hobby blacksmiths. The fire pot is 45mm deep thus less than 2". However, it sits in a good sized steel table so it is easy to build a deeper fire. I usually end up with a total height of 4-5". Usually I have a barrier of clay brick around half of the table edges. Obviously I would have difficulties in forging a sledge hammer head in it but to me it is adequate. I rarely work on stock thicker than 3/4".

I took a look in Angele's catalogue They are presently offering fire pots from 57mm to 100mm deep.   

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