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Hello from Quebec, Canada


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Hi everybody,

My name is Jack and I am just starting a new passion.  I discovered it last Christmas when I bought an old anvil to my father. When I searched the net to find him informations on his anvil, I realised that it would be a nice hobby. I like finding equipment, creating tools... and maybe one day, I may become an artist blacksmith.

Up to now, I forged only a few things: Hooks, poker and the classic "spike knife".    Here is my first knife.   

A lot of great informations on this forum,   Many Thanks




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Welcome to I Forge Iron. I too spent most of my life in Canada. And much of it in Montreal. I am now in St. Louis Mo. I retired 3 years ago, & emigrated to the great U.S.A. (my new wife has lived in St. Louis all her life. She is much younger than I and has a career down here. If you cannot find the correct word in English, contact me and I'll help you out. Incidentally, Quebec is well more than 2 times the total area of Texas. Where are you in Quebec.

Regards,   SLAG.

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