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Champion 400 front bearing cone


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I have a Champion 400 blower. It had a bent crank and made some noise, after checking I found the front bearing cone is busted in half, thus was causing noise and some lockup. All else looks very good, is there any hope in getting a threaded cone or do I have to use it to sell as parts? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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I had the exact same problem a number of years ago (actually, it was quite a number of years ago, about 1980).  I'd only paid $45 for the Champion 400.  I took the shaft and the "bits" of the bearing cone to a machine shop.  They could readily make it, but wanted $125 (at that time).  Considering I'd paid less than half of that for the blower, I didn't get them to make it.  I sold the blower to a friend that had a 400 as well, for $25, and looked for and bought another blower. 

So, you can certainly get one made, the question is, "is it worth it?".

If you want a blower that will not give you problems, and doesn't have hard to replace parts, get a Caneday Otto (sp?) blower, they have bushings, not bearings.


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Time to get another blower and make two into one. I have been doing that for years. if I find one that is quite but broken in some way I buy them and keep em on hand.

I Canedy I have is well worn out. It will require all new bushings and I hope to re-use the gears, but that is iffy.

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I need a grease cap for the sides / ends of the shaft the bronze gear is on.  (Champion 400)  The caps for the input / crank shaft is too big.  I could also use a new fan ( my blades are badly rusted away).  I'm going to try & repair the blades (sheet metal blades) with JB Weld ... any thoughts on this ?  Will it work ... or fly apart & kill my dog ?

Anyone ever try to reproduce the tin blades & re-rivet them to the cast center spokes ?

Thank for any replies !

Hillbilly Newbie here



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