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  1. I have a Champion 400 blower. It had a bent crank and made some noise, after checking I found the front bearing cone is busted in half, thus was causing noise and some lockup. All else looks very good, is there any hope in getting a threaded cone or do I have to use it to sell as parts? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much, simple solutions are not always simple. Its much appreciated to have those like you with answers. Will send pictures when it is all refurbished. Jim
  3. I am refurbishing my champion 400 (just needs cleaning bearing check and paint) but the crank arm is bent about 20 degrees. The handle end just hits the blower housing. Problem is how to straighten the arm (hot, cold ???) I definitely don't want it busted. The arm is somewhat an oval shape and I believe it is a newer model blower. The bend must have been due to a light fall as it bent just ahead of the connection point to the blower gear assy. Thanks for any help, jgvarno
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