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Steel for Welder's Chipping Hammer?


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I would just use axle (4140 typically) because its easy to get, for me it is at least, and it holds up well. would you weld on a handle, or have a wooden handle? ive been thinking about this project also.


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I've been thinking about this one too.  I noticed that there are a few peculiarities to welding chipping hammers that I'd want to design around.  First off, I'd want it to be easily picked up when wearing welding gloves.

I'm CONSTANTLY losing my angle grinder wrench so I'd probably want to make one hammer cheek the socket, and the other cheek the two pin spanner.

I'd also taper the chisel end from handle eye to the tip so I could use it as a wedge for adjusting/ tweaking stuff  in the clamps more gradually. 

If you're doing a steel handle, you could put a hole in the end so that you could use as a cheater bar on clamp handles. 

This forum has a chipping hammer that's pretty cool.  If the loop was rotated 90 degree's it would hold the handle for easy grabbing and  if shaped properly, you could still use it as a clamp cheater.

Finally, I'd look into plating it in copper like the screws on welding clamps to keep the spatter from sticking to the surface so badly.

As for steel, I think something in the medium carbon range would hold up really well.

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Exo, try using a basket twist, or onion twist as it's sometimes called, for your hammer handle.  Make it the length and diameter best for you.  Also, use 9 rods instead of 4 for more metal in your twist.  You can make the twist so that it's easy to pick up with gloves.


Basket twist 01 (Small).JPG

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I made one out of a rail road spike a while back. Works pretty good and I didn't have to do anything to one end.


Recently I started making one out of a tire iron, kept the pry end too. I haven't finished the handle on it yet though, life has been keeping me out of the shop. I haven't used it really but my taper did come out better on it. Tire irons seem to be pretty sturdy.

good luck with it.




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bigger pic
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4 hours ago, SmoothBore said:

Generally, I prefer a mild steel chipping hammer, ... to prevent marking up the work.




then I need something real hard. It would help the looks of my welds.  Pattern weld look.  

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