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Any plans for a easy to make Power Hammer?

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So how much experience do you have blacksmithing Crackers? Without the knowledge and skills all a powerhammer will do is make your mistakes permanent faster. IF it doesn't put your remaining body parts in the hospital.

If you were learning from me in my shop I wouldn't turn mine on till I was sure you were safe in the shop with running equipment.

Seriously, tools don't do anything it's the human mind and hand guiding them. Without the skills a powerhammer is more dangerous than useful to you.

Don't get me wrong, there are kids younger than you are who are close to being masters of the craft and I wouldn't hesitate to let them use mine or ask them to show me some tricks. A couple few have their own powerhammers, one made his own tire hammer.

Okay, for purposes of discussion lets assume you're skilled enough to operate one without serious danger. How are your fabrication skills? Do you have the tools necessary, good cut off saw and 90+amp (IF you know how to weld) welder? Drill and bits, tap and die set, grinders, torch set, wrenches, etc. etc.? Can you read a blue print? Do you know a chamfer from a bevel? Tolerance? Wire switches, motors and safely connect to house current?

I'm not trying to discourage you from the craft but it's not something you can SAY you're going to do and be able to DO anything. It's study and work, lots of work. I have a powerhammer in my shop and don't turn it on but maybe every third or fourth time I'm out there smithing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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So you want a steam hammer? Tilt hammer? Compressed air hammer? Mechanical hammer?  What tools and What skills do you have?  How many thousands of dollars are you wanting to spend?  (We had a fellow in our club build a tilt hammer using an old hay baler once; dead simple and without extreme caution *DEAD* user!) 

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