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Help ID my Anvil

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Hi all,

I'm new here been lurking here a while and decided to ask for help IDing my anvil. I got the anvil about 2 years ago in a trade and its been sitting. I am currently building a base for it and intend to start using it soon. 

The anvil appears to have been heavily used, and the hardie hole and shelf are well worn, also the sides of the face are dinged up. The sides of the anvil have odd gashes in them like someone was driving nails or something in to the sides pretty odd. I can only make out  the works "Wrought Iron" on one side there appears to be a logo of some sort but very hard to make out. Almost looks like a person with a hammer. Maybe someone here will have more luck. 

I'm attaching pics to this post, Some I rubbed a soap stone on the sides to see if that would help any words or design stand out, the other pics are without the soap stone.


Here I circled the Wrought Iron wording.


Last pic you can just make out a side view of a person with a hammer. the person looks like he has a beard. Maybe I'm just seeing things :) .


Thanks for any help IDing my anvil.



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Looks VERY much like the Arm & Hammer logo; a great brand of anvils made in Columbus OH, USA.  Try looking at the underside of the anvils heel; A&H anvils generally left the steam hammer blows alone in that section so having undulations there is a strong indicator as it being an Arm & Hammer

As many smiths tested the temper of tools they were making on the sides of the anvil they are often severely marked up (and as the wrought iron was very soft it was a bit of a fast one to demonstrate to customers...)  DON'T mess with the face of the anvil!!!!!!  It looks very usable as it is!

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Thanks Mark and Thomas,

I will check the underside and see if I can see where the steam hammer might have struck the anvil.

When you say the blacksmiths were testing the temper of what the were working on does that mean they were seeing how hard the steal was or if it was too hard? Sorry newbie question. :)

I have no plans to disturb the face. The only thing I might do is take a flap disc to it to remove the paint on the face but that's it.. No Grinding.


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I don't see any other numbers by the serial number. Under the Wrought Iron wording I can just make out two zeros. Almost looks like there might be 2 in front of the zeros but its very hard to make out. All i know is this sucker is heavy. I can't pick it up alone need at least two people.

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