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Greetings from Houston Texas

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Hello, I'm Michael. I'm a total newbie to smithing of any kind and looking for some more experienced persons in the area who might be willing to lend someone like myself the gift of their knowledge and wisdom. I have no experience and unfortunately can't experiment on my own, as my living situation restricts my ability to be crafty (small apartment!). I've been interested in blacksmithing and bladesmithing since I was a kid, but only recently decided that I wanted to really give it a go and experience it for myself and so I'm hoping to find some like-minded individuals in my part of the state to work with. 

I look forward to meeting all of you fine people and getting to work! I could say that I know it will be hard, but that would be presumptuous of me. The truth is, I don't know half of what it will take (and I've done quite a bit of reading), but I so truly do want to learn and really give it a shot so if you or anyone you know is willing to help get me started, please send them my way or let me know. 



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Read IForgeIron cover to cover, starting with the sections that interest you. Pack a lunch and a cold drink before you start.

Look up a blacksmithing group in your area and attend the meetings. You will learn more in a day than you can ever imagine.

Find a sledge hammer head or other piece of metal, a 2 pound or less hammer, and some modeling clay. The clay will move the same as metal under the hammer. When you want to move forward, look for come copper or brass. Does not have to be sheet as you can cut a piece of pipe the long way and flatten it out. Many things such as roses, etc can be made from non-ferrous material.

Do not over complicate simple. Blacksmithing only gets as complicated as you want it to be.

Welcome to the site and welcome to the craft. It is a never ending learning experience and more fun than you can ever imagine.


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Houston has an affiliate of ABANA (www.habairon.org)  I have friends in HABA and I am sure that they will be willing to help you.  I will forward this thread on to my good friend there.

I'm sure that he will either contact you or e-mail me back with permission to give you his personal contact info.

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Welcome aboard Michael glad to have you! It's refreshing to read a 1st. post from someone who actually has done some reading and realizes blacksmithing is an involved craft. A person has to know quite a bit to realize how little they know.

Get hooked up with HABA, it's a great bunch of guys and blacksmiths tend to LIKE getting others addicted.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I know of one other blacksmith that is in Houston and on this forum, his name is John Rigoni (sorry if I misspelled it) not sure if gives "classes" I am pretty sure though that their are other blacksmiths on here willing to help. here in college station Tx, Steep Hollow forge works gives beginner day classes. I agree with Glen about the modeling clay and the not ferrous metal work as a way to get started and learn.


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