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I'm not sure if this thread should be in this genre, but I was wondering had anyone had any experience with Reboy Supply Co. I am just about out of coal and The Blacksmiths Depot is currently out of coal. So I came across a company that will sell and ship 200 pounds of coal for $140.00. That is a little cheaper than BD ($160.00 per 200 lb.). Are they reliable and do they supply good coal? The smith that I work with ,who does demonstrations at the High Point Museum, only buys his coal once a year from BD. This coal is from the Pocahontas vein #2, so it should be some descent stuff. Any feedback will be appreciated.


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The closest place to me is The Blacksmiths Depot (Asheville,NC area), which is about a four to five hour drive from here (Greensboro,NC area). So I don't have much choice but to have my coal shipped in. Gas in my old Jeep Cherokee would probably run me pretty close there and back plus they don't have anything to sell right now. So i guess I am just SOL as far as any deal goes. By the way 50 pounds of coal UNSHIPPED is $20.00 at BD. It is $20.00 just for shipping.

Wishing I were in your shoes right now.

Thanks I will check that out


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Head north into Va or WV and find a mine. Take a trailer and get a ton or so of the good stuff.

Piedmont Coal & Oil Company
Lance Jackson
410 East Second Street
Winston-Salem NC 27101
Phone: 919/722-2024

Steve Kayne
100 Daniel Ridge Road
Candler NC 28715
Phone: 828/667-8868

Curry Coal & Oil Company
(336) 227-4519
1207 Rauhut St, Burlington, NC 27217

Sunnyside Ice & Fuel Co
(336) 723-5161
2001 Glendale St, Winston Salem, NC 27127

Bell Brothers Coal Yard
(336) 838-2791
91 Sparta Rd, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Pittston Coal Sales Corp.
448 N.E. Main St.
Lebanon, VA 24266
Tel: 276-889-6300, Fax: 276-889-6277

That should get you started. Be sure to ask about the BTU's in the coal. No use buying rocks and clinker.

When you contact them tell them you heard about them on IForgeIron.com (grin)

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Check Grace Fuels in Asheville. They have been recommended to me, but I've never been able to go. Call them first, and be sure to specify balcksmith coal or bituminous.

Grace Fuels

That said, I have ordered from Reboy once in a fit of desparation. Their coal is not bad, but the stuff from Kayne's (Blacksmith Depot) is a whole lot better.

Let us know how it goes.


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Grace Fuel was stocking the Blue Gym coal. It's rather smoky, but a very good smithing coal. I've got about a half ton of it left at Blue Ridge Community College in Hendersonville, NC. I would use it all of the time if I didn't get complaints and literally have people pull the fire alarm.

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Reboy Supply Co is where we get our coal next town over. It's excellent, comes from VA "Pocohantas vein #2" the cost to you is mostly shipping back from Western New York. I've been buying it by the ton for years and years.You'd be better going to the source

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