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anvil stand


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Nice stand Donnie. My only suggestion would be to NOT line up the through bolt in the grain, it's only a slight increase in probability but lining them up increases the chance of splitting lumber. Same as hammering nails. I don't think it's a significant difference but it catches my eye.

I really like the offset and tool holders, excellent idea. Kudos!

How are you going to secure your anvil?

  Frosty The Lucky.

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Offsetting the boards wasn't my idea. I've seen pictures of others built this way. The anvil has a 3/4" spike about 4 or 5 inches long welded to the bottom.


Frosty, I'm sure you are right about the bolts being aligned and wood splitting. I'll certainly keep that in mind next time.

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Almost a non-issue but because the wood has the grain flipped on a couple of boards, if it dries more or changes with humidity, the boards might gap a bit by forming crowns.   

If you look at the end grain of a board and set the grain so it "smiles", the crown will form on the top side due to wood shrinkage.  In an ideal world, you might want them to all nest together, crowning the same direction so they don't fight and possibly crack.  

It's a bit silly and nit picky but it might be something to think about if someone likes your idea and builds one with wood that hasn't been fully dried (or gets rained on).   Worst case would be a cup side against a cup side which has a much higher likelihood of causing splits over time.  

Oh, I forgot to say it looks great and I like it. 


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