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Pretty certain but, not positive that there was a youtube video posted of a guy drilling out an antler.  Fitting the tang in a dowel and epoxying the works together.  My google is weak tonight and I was sure I had saved the link to my computer...  but have had to format and reinstall since.  Have a coworker that is being brought over to the darkside.  Gave him a small blade to put a handle on.  He's tying to figure out how.  Figure that with how skinny the tang was on this blade  it's his best bet in the chunk on antler he was telling me about. 

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I've used antler as a handle on a couple of blades I used in reenacting. I ground the tangs to fit inside of the antler, then heated the tang with a propane torch and slowly burned it into the handle. When finished burning it in I used Epoxy and pins. 

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