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Eight Inch Post Vise


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I'm new to the Blacksmith scene but I've been looking at post vises for some time and have seen plenty of three and four inchers. This was in a shop I visited last weekend. That wire brush on top is a standard size. The jaws were as long as from my wrist to finger tips.... every bit of eight inches . The pic doesn't do it justice. It was cleaned and polished like the silverware in your wife's kitchen. 


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I have an 8.5" no name and just picked up an 8" Columbian. Sadly around here the larger vises anything over 5.5" are tough to come by as are larger anvils over about 250lbs..  Vises of larger size are going for big money.. 


The one I have is maybe the twin in the picture as they are the same MFG..   Mine is an older die forged Wrought iron.. I can't get the picture to be the correct orientation.. 


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On 4/24/2016 at 9:05 PM, picker said:

I was spoiled working on this guy for 15 years. I need another 8" er. Have you got a spare 8" lying around you'd part with?

Big Vise.jpg

When I make my 10" I might part with 1 of them but that won't happen for sometime.. 

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