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Big vise, no info can be found about it


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Did you do a web search? Lots of hits on Yahoo. The first hit was about "American Scale" vises and the availability of new parts.

The company was sold to American Scale and evidently still makes the vises. It may not be about THAT vise but it tells us something about the company that made it and what happened to it. Also a couple hits down the page was a site selling parts for American Red Seal tools.

Frosty The Lucky.
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I forgot that this is the forum that assumes everyone is an idiot.

Yes, I did a web search, as stated in my first sentence..., Yes I see that the company went out of business, etc...  

The QUESTION I had was about the age of this.  I find references to LOTS of other models, but the 65A seems to be one model that isn't referenced.

Also, most of the "Red Seal/Scale" embossing I see have "Guaranteed" on them, while this one does not.  So, any ideas?

In case anyone else is interested in the Red Seal/American Scale, here is a link...  


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