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I'm to this site and pretty new to forging. My son and I built a coal forge that worked pretty well, but it was small so we dumped it for a propane forge we made out of an old 20 LP tank. We had one burner on it and it didn't get quite hot enough to weld. So we just put on a second burner. I'm not sure it will weld either. I hope I can learn from you guys. I have experience in other ways that might make me an asset too.

Good to meet you all.


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Coal forge can get hot enough to burn steel. Just needs more fuel and more air. Post photos and we can tweek it for you.

Add your location and there may be someone close that can help you get set up and started. Look for a group or organization in your area and go to the meetings. You will learn more in a day that you can imagine. Welcome to the site.

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The devil is in the details "we put one burner that was blown and 1 foot in diameter and used 200 pounds of propane an hour running into a 10"x12" forge and it didn't get hot enough" sounds very different than we used a 1/4" diameter burner in a forge that was 3'x4'.  What and how much refractory is it lined with?

But the fastest way to get it sorted is to have someone that has experience with propane forges look it over 

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