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I Forge Iron

needed to brag a bit . .


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Unfortunately I didn't buy any new anvils or powerhammers lately.. .but I;m happy that my test scores from an American TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language organized by ETS . .that is ran by Princeton)

I got 112 out of 120! ..

This drastically increases my chances of getting accepted by a good university!
anyways ..
Just wanted to share this with you as it made me very happy!:)

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Well . . I was thinking of applying to some universities in England. . ..based on media and communication ..like creative advertising or diplomacy stuff. ..

also seen they had some advanced courses for artist blacksmiths. .and jewelers. . but i'd rather do one of those as a second degree.

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Nope "never give an answer smarter than the one the grader would choose". They will mark it wrong and then you have to fight for it and then they resent you for ther rest of the term.

Learned that one in an English class when I used a word not in the TA's dictionary and was marked down and had to tell him it was in the OED with two varient spellings.

I had to fight for my grades the rest of the semester!

Now here at New Mexico Tech we have a very highly rated explosive's research facility and the students actually can get credit working on the fireworks they produce for our 4th of July celebrations. Welcome to New Mexico Tech Weather is very sunny and very dry and you could even spend time in my shop! Pay no attention to the regular explosions you hear during the week.

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