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3 hours ago, jmccustomknives said:

If you've never made one why would you start with the most difficult/expensive materials.  A razor, as simple a tool as it appears, isn't easy to make. 

James has a good point here; you're really diving into a blade type that's difficult even for knifemakers with experience, especially if you want to get a smooth movement on a folding one. I would first try a simple, no frills knife to get the basics down before attempting a razor.

There is a fella on IFI that specializes in high end razors, try to find his postings for reference. After you've made a knife or three I'm sure he would be more than happy to offer advice

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SnailForge is the member Theo is probably referring to.  A skilled fellow in Belgium making very nice straight razors indeed!   (Even if "I've been hiding from my razor" for decades I can still admire the expertise that goes into making them...)

And what they said; to paraphrase the OP:  "I'm wanting to win Formula One races; how do you drive a car?"   It's a lot less frustrating to learn the basics and then expand into the more advanced stuff and in my experience---*faster* too!

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I have some experience in the rehabilitation of straights and I would suggest that if you are going to attempt to make a straight for the first time I would offer that a wedge in high quality carbon before attempting a full hollow ground singer. Secondly I would suggest if you do chose to go with damascus you go with a high quality steel from a known source. The reason I suggest this is that there is truly a difference between razor sharp and truly shave ready, the differences in hardness from one steel and the other in an inferior damascus could result in never being ale to truly achieve a shave ready state.


Just my noon two cents.


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