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Prospective anvil 2.0

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Some people are using sledge hammer heads to work on or RR rails this "Looks" like it would work but looks can be deceiving , what is the rebound, what is the price and what is the funny looking hump on the side?  Looks like a Farrier Anvil with the side clip on it, makes no difference my son has one works fine.  Better than nothing, MAYBE.

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44 minutes ago, JHCC said:

Is it fishy, or a Fisher?

Bad choice of words on my part! Can't be a FISHER, can it? The feet looked forged, the line on the side looks like a weld or an addition, and the horn has a strange squarish transition. Could be worthwhile, but its hard to make an oficial pronouncement until more photos are provided. 

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I have a 400# Trenton that has the same weird side; looks like they forge welded the top section onto a slightly different base than usual on mine---As was known to happen when the maker ran out of a particular base and had an anvil to get out the door.  Any idea of what the bottom looks like?

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