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La Brea Bowie


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This is a piece I finished up just a few weeks ago and sent out for professional photos that I thought I would share. This was my first frame handle knife and first time using mammoth ivory. The damascus is a mosaic jelly roll Turkish twist with bronze shield, damascus hardware, and domed bronze pin. 


Blade length: 12 inches

Handle Length: 5 1/2 inches

Overall Length:17 1/2 inches

Sole Authorship

Thanks for looking. All comments, questions, and critiques welcome.




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Hey Frosty, this is not from the La Brea pit unfortunately. This piece came from Mark Knapp in Alaska and was somewhere in the $300-$400 range. Initially when designing the knife I had hoped to find a solid piece of walrus ivory which is typically more expensive, but I'm glad I ended up going with the mammoth beacuse it allowed me to learn how to do a frame handle.

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I know the name though we've never met. Fossil ivory is getting more expensive all the time, even if you have connections. Makes me wish I'd picked some up back when you could get a whole tusk for a bottle or two of booze.

Naw, I sleep better not supplying booze to people who are genetically disposed to alcoholism. Sorry, I'm remembering folk with fences, gateways or just piles of fossilized tusk and bone in the yard. bought my parents a walrus tusk cribbage board for $30 and change in the late '70s but that was before raw ivory got so heavily regulated.

Frosty The Lucky.

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