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Drill Press mounting

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I have an outdoor forge under a metal shelter with a gravel floor.  I need to move my Jet jdp-17mf floor-mount drill press from its present location to the forge area.  Does anyone have any ideas how to set it up?

If I avoid pouring a slab, what do you recommend?

If I need to pour a slab, what dimensions are reasonable?


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The first: if I move it to the garage with the rest of the stuff it's on the other end of my property (not that big).  

As to the exterior: it would be under shelter to keep rain and wind off of it like the rest of my forge area, and I do use cutting oil so most of the exposed parts have a little more protection...

Thanks for your reply!



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Just pour a concrete mount for it. Level and compact the grade under it and form it up with 4" lumber, a little rebar and a wheel barrow or two of mix and its a done deal. 3'x4' should be more than large enough for a stable patform..

Out in the weather even under a roof isn't so good, keeping it sprayed with LPS3 should be a big help.

Frosty The Lucky.

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