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What would you do to this Vulcan Anvil?

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I haven’t started pounding iron yet but am in the process of gathering my tools and have happened upon an anvil…

It's a 150 lb Vulcan I bought for $125.  I know Vulcans aren’t the best quality but at 0.83/lb I think I got a good deal.

It's good points are that the face is extremely flat with no damage or rust pitting, 

the center of the face has a nice rebound (the heel not so much)

, it’s quiet.

It's bad point is that the edges are pretty rough

 So what would you do to this anvil? 

  • Use it as is?
  • Repair the edges? I know a competent welder that I think could fix this with the Gunter information I found online.

  •  Unload it on somebody else? (don't really think this is a practical option)

I would also like to know your thoughts on the best way to remove the rust from it, especially the face




hardy hole.jpg

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Wire brush it really good and start using it. You have a great starting point and when you get to a stage where you will need a radiused edge there is still alot of edges around the heel to use. 

With the Vulcan brand the general consensus is to avoid working any cold steel and to not really do heavy sledge work on the edges.

Use it for a while and figure out if the chipped edges are a problem.

I think you got it for a good price and if while you are learning you add a few chips or dents it is no big deal

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Use it, as welding to cast iron involves far more than just laying rod down.  You have plenty of good area to work on, and edges if you need one. Smooth down the badly chipped areas some to help prevent further damage, and get to work. I have a 150# VULCAN that came out of a high school. Dad got it for $50.

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start forging on it as it is, learn to make some nice simple items which could be sold easily to friends, neighbours (I don't know, S-hooks, bottle openers, blacksmith knives, etc.) and you'll soon have enough money to buy a better anvil. meanwhile you have learned something, your hammer blows get precision, you won't hit the anvil too often (you won't cry if you hit this damaged anvil), and you'll be ready for that better anvil. consider it a learning anvil.

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On ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 11:51 PM, Scrambler82 said:

I like the looks of a Vulcan Anvil !

It is a cast iron with a steel plate but I still like the looks.

Tap around on the top plate, listen for any thuds, may indicate a top plate that isn't secured.

If it sounds all the same, it could still have life in it !

I agree it reminds me of the older London pattern anvils that were "stubbier" . really good price that you paid for it. it will work heck I used a sledge hammer head as my first "anvil"


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I wanted to thank you folks for responding to my post. I'm quite a newbie and guess I just wanted reassurance. 

My game plan is now to dress the edges as best I can to prevent further chipping and wire brush the rust off. I also know not to use a sledge hammer on this one being I want to preserve as much of that flat face as I can.


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Clean up the face with about 8 hours of hammering on hot iron.

Leave the edges alone for a year. You can always remove material from the anvil later. After a year you most likely will find that the edges do not matter. If you need a sharp edge, weld a hardie post to a piece of thick steel as wide as the anvil face. If you make it square you can then radius the 4 edges to what YOU NEED, not what someone suggests for THEIR needs.

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