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Hey guys Nice to meet you all, I have a forge setup 3 years in the making. My first anvil was a 300-320 lb columbian and the second an unknown 140~ lb. with no plate welded to the face unlike the columbian. The columbian has a hole in the horn about an inch to 1.5" from the tip. About the size of a toothpick and about a 1/4" deep. From what I understand (and could be completely wrong) the columbian is cast steel with a plate welded on top. From this I gather that cast steel is not east to weld. If I wanted to fix this how would I go about it? Another question along the same lines. The other anvil (140#) has a cracked waist (picked it up cheap) and again from what I understand, I should grind the crack to "absolute" depth, then weld?????? To me it makes sense, but I am no expert and don't want to ruin what I have as it works. But don't want to break the horn off my big beauty and would like my other to "ring". So any help would be appreciated. Also where the hole is on the columbian is about 2in across... I am sure 220 welder is required if at all possible being that large of a piece of steel. Any particular type of wire for the welder should I use? The whole lot of questions that go with it to drive you guys nuts. HAHA Thanks again guys.

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Well the ONLY reason I am concerned, is how close it is to the tip of the horn. Otherwise I would most likely not care as much... Well I suppose a picture would say a thousand woods, but by the sounds of it, it can be done... I'll see what I can do on the pics. Yea no idea what the other anvil is...


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