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Interactive CPR video


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According to that link, I have just saved a life...I can go to bed easy. :) 

Very good refresher, demystifier film. Reassuringly straightforward.

I did my first Emergency At Work plus Forestry course a month or so ago...the tutor was an ex army medic who was great on gunshot, chainsaw and knife wounds. My belt pack with coagulating granule pads and crepe and pressure bandages is on order...

 I wish I had done such a course before an old guy from the village collapsed in front of me when I was 17...I did not manage to save him... :(

I think the AED scheme is great, we have just had one installed in the old phone kiosk in the middle of the village. Handily happens to be 30metres form the forge.


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CPR is something everyone should know and keep current unfortunately  success rates are dismal and always leave you feeling poorly afterwards.  AED is also very important.  My wife does on average 4-6 CPRs a yr. where she works as a nurse supervisor, I've been on a number with FD rescue, something you prey you never have to use. 

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