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Is this a good price for a Champion 400?

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Ohio is the happy hunting grounds for smithing stuff.  It had a large population of farmers and industry during the height of blacksmithing and a fairly gentle slide down so not as much stuff got scrapped for eating money..  Prices used to be really really good but the internet has raised them a bit as the "local" market is now being based on country wide price info...

I was very lucky to stock up when prices were still local; especially since I moved to a desert of blacksmithing stuff...

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Out West here I have seen them for less- $150 range. A guy had one listed last year for $250, and the listing was up for probably 6 months. It never sold. The last two blowers ( not 400's) I bought off Craigslist were still attached to a big Champion, and Buffalo forges-I bought both forges for $75, and $125.   I found my 400 at an automotive swap meet for $30, and I recently bought a really nice smooth running Lancaster blower in Utah where I work  for a friend, and paid $50. Deals are out there if you are patient. 

   What it really gets down to is do you want to spend that much on just a blower? You can make bellows, or if you have electricity available you can be running with a $1 garage sale hair dryer.  Personally I wouldn't spend that much for one, ever. The way I look at it , that money could be better spent on a lot of other tools, and air can be moved for a lot less money. I have seen blowers made from wood, and driven with a belt and pulleys. For someone just starting out I would hate to see them dump that much on just a blower alone. 

 I just picked up an item yesterday that I plan on turning into a hand cranked blower, and make a blueprint if it works out. This one could be built for around $10 if you actually have to pay for the materials. I am going to use commonly found items that get tossed out across the country.  


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What you need to be aware of with the 400 is that they are made with four sets of ball bearings. The balls are easily replaced, but not the race. It is glass hard and will most likely be pitted and make more noise than a freight train on a clear and cold January night. Some folks say (read that "for real"?) that they have polished the races. I took mine to a machine shop and the owner said I was crazy after he attempted to dress them. So you replace the balls and run the pitted races and all that grinding gets to you after a time.


I have two quiet 400's that I'd be willing to part with for say...........800.00 each. Even I rarely use them they are so nice.The best I have found is the cheapola units by Champion. The Eureka blower. No ball bearings. Super quiet. Super smooth. REAL REAL nice to use all day long. Read that "nine hours of use"

Pictured is a nice original 400 somebody painted which I traded a ton of tools for and a Eureka blower bolted onto a forge.

BSing stuff 005.jpg

Champion 145-18inch Forge 140 Eureka Blower Completed 004.jpg

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