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Need some stand ad'vise'

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I put together a stand for my post vise. The only real requirement I had was I needed to make in mobile in my garage. I welded on clips to the back edge and mounted wheels on angle iron clips that slide in and can be removed so I am not tripping over a permanent wheel.  to holes in the base plate so I can bolt to the floor using a drop in concrete insert and a couple bolts. That all works well but I have a concern with the top mounting "shelf". In the picture you can see how wide it is. I like the idea of having a shelf to place tools on while working but now have concerns it may be in the way. the picture only shows one side but the other is the same (without the wire tool holder). 


Thoughts? I am very new to this. What has your experience shown. 



vise stand.jpg

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If you think the plate might get in your way, maybe you could just clip off those two corners nearest the vise. Even at 45 degrees I bet your working area would feel much less obstructed and you wouldn't really lose any useful space on that shelf. And I bet you wouldn't even have to move your tool holder.

Mine is mounted on a mobile stand as well, with a machinists vise just about uncomfortably close by mounted to the same stand. Feels crowded sometimes, but it works.

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I like one side of the vise to be clear of any obstructions in reasonable proximity so I can spin a wrench or work on something that might have a bend in it.  The distance from the jaws to the edge of the table, on one side, should be at least 8", or the length of a long wrench.  Not written in stone, obviously, and I would hold off on any modifications until you've used it for awhile.  You might find that you just never need anything other than what you have.  No sense fixing what ain't broke.

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