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I Forge Iron

An amazing book

Joel OF

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This isn't strictly speaking a metal working book but it's a book that'll help you no end with designing metalwork.
The other day I bought "Designa - technical secrets of the traditional visual arts". It's about 400 page crammed full of technical drawings, explanations...just EVERYTHING. I've only had a chance to flick through it so far but it's unbelievable how much info there is in there. It covers everything from weave patters to Islamic calligraphy to architectural geometry to spirals and helices to human body geometry to shadows to perspective...just EVERYTHING.
And it was only £15. Get it if you see it!

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Cool, hope you both like it. Every time I flick through it I think I'm only ever going to scratch the surface with taking in the vast amount of info in it, but hopefully it'll serve me well as a design aid when I get asked for a Celtic themed.... or a Moorish themed.....

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Nothing is Too Obvious when wanting a book!  Leaving notes in multiple places in the house and car approaches it I'm told.  What ever it takes to get the job done is OK.  In my book anyways! 

Hum, now that I think about I have one of those pesky B' Days coming as well, where did I leave the note pads?

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Wow, I just got mine in the mail today, this is incredible. Flip to a page and I start thinking of how I would make that design, turn the page "ooh, I could make this by starting here and...." It's never-ending lol

Tons of pictures this is a visual beauty

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