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Nephews Christmas knifes (pic heavy)


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I made some knifes and sheaths for my nephews for christmas. They are all mostly the same, just different color sheaths and paracord. I had only made 1 knife prior to making these 5 so they are a simple shape but thick and strong for whatever they want to do with them, and have a bushcraftish shape :-)

The first picture is after they opened them, then the close ups are of the one I kept for myself. The last few Pics are of a smaller knife that is more suitable for my EDC, I'm not sure I like the shape but its comfortable to hold and works well, I also did not rough cut the shape, just through it in the forge and started hammering. All of the knifes are made of 1095.

This was also my first time doing any leather work thats why i used rivets I could not get all the leather tools needed to do stitching.









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on the bigger knifes I cut out the basic shape with an angle grinder then took then to the forge to refine the shape and forge the bevels. then when I annealed the blades I wire brushed them very well to clean them up a bit, after that i did a bet of rough grinding and then hardened and tempered the blades. next I took some 400 gret wet dry sand paper and with some water used it on the whole blade just to clean them up a little and give then the little shiny spots. But I do not smooth and grind the whole blade, only what is going to be sharped, because I like the rustic finish and being able to see the hammer marks looks cool.

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