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tools to make tools curriculum with alec steele

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hello every one!

I finally got around do get the photos ready, and I shot a video showing the tools.

this was a 6 day class in Norwich, Norfolk, England. and o yes........I would definitely go back, and do it all over again. Alec Steele is a wonderful instructor.

Heres the vidhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33hnRA-TZLI

I also have some pics!





side note: in the video, I forgot to show the drift.



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Very nice tools Ethan it is great to see blacksmiths of your age interested in it. Its a dying art that we need to keep alive ,it's so addictive when you have really get into it. And I think when you said 4140 was softer I'm not so sure of that.4140 is some tough steel to forge especially if you forging hammers from it. Great work and tools

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