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Hello all. I've been lurking this site for ages, but now that my forge/work area is coming together,I felt like it's time to join in. Been working on a friends 125# G.E. , but just picked up my own baby..a 90# Trenton. No pics of the G.E. But I have to say I love it. It has some weird home brew farrier modifications, but it was a great anvil to start on. In anycase..I'm a little over an hour from the Salt Lake valley, where there seems to be a thriving community of smiths. I look forward to getting to know them, and all the members here. Here's a shot of the Trenton as I found it


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The other side of the Trenton is not quite as bad..overall I have 2" of lightly rounded edge left. Since that photo I have dressed the edges. Most of the damage looks like just chips in the photo, but in reality there were long cracks running back from most of them. Not deep into the face, but parallel with the edge.. So I'm left with a good face and possible candidate for repair later. Still, I'm loving it. Nothing quite like your first anvil.




Here's some shots of the G.E. Its a good anvil, and has served me well. Though the hole in the heel and the odd furrow across the face made me wary of putting too much stress on that end. The face is as hard, if not harder than the Trenton. 



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Unfortunately that large hole was aftermarket...It is very clearly torched. That is what makes me wary. Worried about the loss of temper combined with that groove being so close. Probably not a real issue, and I really have no good reason to be pounding away at the heel, but it made me focus on the sweet spot and  Not go crazy making hardie tools

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