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Hey guys any one ever use kydex? I tried for the first time got the foam and kydex and holtex sheets from knifekits.com made my own lil press from wood with the foam in it and 4 clamps one on each side in the center. so i took a sheet, taped up the knife threw it in the press (folded over taco style) clamped it down and let it sit. now when i came back to it as i was opening the press and pulling the foam off it was stuck to the kydex it peeled off with a lil pressure but it left a slight imprint in the foam (you can see where the sheet was on the foam) i thought this might mean i got the kydex a lil to hot maybe or too much preesure on the clamps (i dont know if that is even posible). So when i tried to pull the knife out it wouldnt come out so i took the side opisat the fold and tried to pull it open a lil and the kydex seemed to be attached to the knife and peeled off just like the foam. so it took alot of twisting turning pulling to get that knife out but i finally got it out and took the tape off now when i try to get it back in i really have to wrestle it in and even then it doesnt want to go that last 10% in and taking it back out is the same you really gota wrestle it out of there. deffinitly not something you could carry around and pull in and out. has any one had ths problem? any ideas how to fix it or what i might of done  wrong to cange on the next one. is it possible to clamp it too tight? thats what it feels like it just toooooo tight some how....any advice is appreciated!

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Can you post a couple of pictures?  You have to be careful with the shape of the knife handle when using kydex because it will take on the shape of the handle and if there is no flex in the sheath it will bind the knife when you try to draw or replace it.  Your top tension rivet may be too high on the sheath as well.  A picture will help.  I also do not tape my blades when forming kydex as that will alter the profile.  As far as the foam sticking; some kinds of foam will melt to the kydex.  I first used regular closed cell foam like you would find on a yoga mat from a store.  It melted to the kydex so I ordered some different foam from a knife maker site and it does not stick. 

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