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  1. ok thanks guys yeh everything i have including the cocobolo is stabilized
  2. Ok thanks guys yeh usually i keep things seperate as much as possible and i dont know why i did that....well yes i do lets say it was a day of lots of stupid little mistakes that i usually dont do it cost time effort and some of my sanity by the time i got to the buffing stage i just wasnt in the right mind i usually wipe the handle down with acetone but i just wasnt thinking and its not cross contamination of compound it was deffinitly the g10 dust it was a brand new wheel i only used it 2 times with the white diamond stuff so the wheel hadnt turned black yet but as soon as that dust filled h
  3. Hey guys....so i got some white diamond compound for use on handles...so i used it once or twice on a buffing wheel. hadnt been used enough where it was loaded and starting to cake on the wheel yet. so i was using black g10 handle material and did the shaping on the grinder then when i went to move to the buffing wheel i was stupid usually i clean it off before i buff this time i didnt i wiped the handle (with my shirt) and took it right to the buffer the wheel instantly turned black (it did buff the handle fine) i guess all the exxecess residue on the black g10 transfered to the wheel. so now
  4. i have been working mostly with stainless lately all of that stuff only works on carbon steel right?
  5. Hey guys so i had some one ask me about if i could coat a knife black at the time flat out no.....but got me thinking i like that look myself on certain knives even grey or tan SOMETIMES. so i did some research i heard about moly coat but the 2 that keep poping up are dura coat and cera coat.......has any one ever done this any ideas on what companys are better or worse or even colors that came out good i would appreciate any info i deffinitly want to try it but its not cheap so i dont want to waste too much money experimenting if some one can help wit that THANKs guys
  6. hey guys sorry i have no pic my sister still has the camera...i tried using a phone camera but as i said as i went up in grits it got harder and harder to see and now that i have buffed and got it all nice and shiny it is really hard to see so thats a good thing...you gota look for it and catch it right at the right angle and light to see it and i couldnt catch it with the phone camera....i will just have to deal with it...but even tho its still there if ya look hard its 100% better than it was at start....thanks for all the help i am finally going to go buy my own camera when i get paid next
  7. no mix oil is parks 50....i am going to try to get a pic up later when i get the camera back
  8. hey guys sorry about the pics....my camera is in my sisters car and she hasnt been here ill try and get something up as soon as i can.....its not from tongs i HTed it in a even heat oven and used long pliers to grab th back edge of the handle dip it in the oil and as soon as it gets in the oil i put a hook through a hole in the tang...i did keep grinding this since its suposed to be polished and it did seem to go away a little the higher up in grits i went its still there but like a holagram you can only see it in the right light
  9. i cant get a pic up until tomorow (dont have the camera right now) its stock removal and new matterial 1084 steel from nj steel barron .....heat treated in a even heat oven and quenched in oil....
  10. hey guys so today i was working on a blade and these weird circle like things show up on the blade....at first i thought it was a finger print or ya know how while grinding you dip the blade in water to cool and the water dries and leaves a spot that is exactly what this looks like but this wont wipe off or even grind off! i started to notice it about 220 grit and 400 and 600 (thats where i stoped for the day since i was getting fustrated) but these marks are still there in the exact same place (so i know its the same mark not a series of them) i have NEVER seen something like this and its not
  11. thanks guys! The gun black may be a idea, i have gun blue and i have used that before and tried to get a black color with it and couldnt ill have to try the black stuff......the cerakote is also a good idea ill have to see if there is anyone local that does it....the aluminum is something i have on had i have big enough bars to form bolsters i have never done bolsters with out polishing them all the way up how would you get the brushed look just stop half way up the grits? or is there another technique?.....Ok copper is something i didnt even think of at all the only copper i have tho is pins
  12. Hey guys this may seem like a strange question but anyway i am in the middle of creating a couple '"prototype" blades for testing and if things go well i am going to make a couple of each design to sell (i have a few people waiting for me to sell some) but i am also making a knife for a friend and she wants pink handles...ok no problem there but i dont want a plain knife with just pink handles it needs to have something else to the design first i thought bolsters but brass and pink would look horible so SS and pink might look ok but i am NOT polishing this blade since she will be using it fo
  13. I know posting this i am going to get all sorts of resposes like "do it freehand jigs are garbage" that kinda thing....that being said i am just curious if any one uses one of those hollow grinding fixtures (like the one jantz has) if so do you like it, what can and cant be done with it ect...
  14. dps9999


    THANKS GUYS!....i had to take a trip and wasnt around a computer for a few days. I had alot of reading when i came back but i just finished and you all have good ideas and i thank you for that. i had just finished putting a couple of blades through destructive testing, i had done this many times before but new oven and steel figured i should do it again and actually they all met my requirements and most of the testing exceeded them. so now i have come up with a couple prototypes i am in the process of finishing up so maybe ill post some pics once they are done and see what everyone thinks and
  15. Hey guys so its time to order more steel...i have been using 440c since i got the oven so i am going to get more of that but they also have over stock items where you can just buy a small piece usually a foot. so i want to get something to try so i was thinking of trying out cpm s30v or cpm s35vn.....do any of you guys have any opinions of wich one to try first (and why) thanks guys....oh and i do have a even heat oven and access to liquid nitrogen for the heat treat so i think i am good there with either one
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