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Good Source For Sanding Belts?

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I second the comment about Klingspor though pherd is possibly much better :)  Klingspor however has a lousy business ethics that use/encourages lateral collusion to keep prices high so I try to avoid their products wherever possible just out of principle!

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On 11/5/2015, 5:37:47, phabib said:

In the US, I have bought custom sized belts from Industrial Abrasives in PA and been very pleased.  Can someone explain the Klingspor issue?

I buy cases and cases of 2x72's from them.. doesn't hurt that it's only a little over half an hour drive either to just pick them up. They assemble all the belts on site and can do custom belts as well. I also grab a box every few years of their scraps by the pound.. all assorted grits (although they ask me what range I'm looking for) - I get something like 15lbs of paper for $15.. the other nice part about just going in person is the stuff they don't advertise, my last trip I got 50 sheets of 1200 grit for $5. The owner is awesome and will gladly search her sources for hard to find abrasives that they don't make as well,.



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