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I Forge Iron

1940 Fisher Anvil

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I wish I wasn't on the other end of the Nation.  I'd happily load up truck with neat stuff, and help organize the rest.

Half of what you've got would be great for anyone interested in Steampunk, Scrap Metal Art, Blacksmithing, Hit-n-Miss engines, Antique Farm Equipment... it's all in how you advertise it.  Getting in touch with the folks at Calsmith.org, will go a long way towards advertising it to the right kind of people.

That railroad cart would most definitely be in my yard if I was just a couple thousand miles closer!  :(

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That's a "Station Wagon" Mindy. It LOOKS pretty complete needing new wood. It'd be a plumb score for a RR collector. Travel Town probably has lots of them, I used to LOVE climbing around the trains and "drive" the locomotives but I was too fat to climb into the space capsules. <sigh> I'm going to be relatively close maybe have to get an in law or high school chum to go.

Just thinking about Travel Town has me jazzed. I wonder if I can convince someone to haul me to San D. to wander around and Id some of your stash. Hmmmm.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Would be cool to have someone come up here to help ID stuff. A lot of rusty metal. We had a fire in January of 2014 and lost a lot of stuff. That is partly why of it is strewn all over the place. Well, that, and because Dad had so much land to stash his crap...um...stuff. 

I guess I'll send a picture of that RR station wagon to Travel Town, ask it's worth and see if they know of any collectors that might be interested. 


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