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Sax to go with my axe


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It was suggested that I should make a sax to match the axe I made recently so here it is. It didn't turn out the way I imagined but it was good practice, the blade is just an old lawn blade, the handle is the same as the axe ( sledge handle), and the hilt and pommel are from .5" square bare that I twisted and flattened to get the ridges. After starting this I read more about lawn blades and found that they are not all usable. This one hardened some but not enough to snap easily. The blade is extremely tough and flexible so I went ahead and tried it. The dimensions are 4.375"handle and 7.75" blade.





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Looks good all cleaned up and finished. 

I have a chinease cleaver that is prety soft, it works fine and responds well to steel. Mount a hardend steel in in a handle as a companion, a small file, a small stone and a small steel should keep them sevicible in the field. Ad one of those small scandinavian knives and your set, lol. 

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I don't know why I like this knife so much. Is it the star shape smack dab in the ricasso, or the carved lines on the handle that run through the bolster and pommel? I am unsure. But it makes me smile. I like how you repurposed that lawn mower blade. 


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I like them both. Nice work T.J. Your choice of embellishment for the handle and hardware is nicely conceived and well executed. Like Charles said, figure out a way to keep some sharpening tools handy and you have yourself a set that is very servicable. The axe lines are sweet!

Keep working it bro, you are doing fine. If you have anything about it that you would like to change, but aren't sure how to do it, ask away, show us a photo of it, and someone will give you some guidance

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