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Please help identify this anvil

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Found this Anvil hanging out at a friend`s barn. Its not very large, very worn and had some repair work done but from the looks of it a long long time ago. Ive not seen anything like it. The horn is small and stubby but the face is almost as broad as mine and it`s hardy hole is the same size as mine. It throws back a hammer really well but sounds a little muted. I thought it might of been for blade work vs farrier stuff as the face was broad but the horn short. lots of signs of use for drawing out as its really worn down on the face.

Sorry for the poor pic quality - only had time to snap these before i had to dash to work - the underside had a hole in the bottom in the centre and one in the neck. Id say it weighed roughly 20lbs give or take 




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looks very old, probably pre 1820(?) due to the lack of pritchel along with the very small horn. it looks like a nice portable anvil to use at a demo or something along those lines and if it throws the hammer back at ya id say its a good anvil. looks like a wrought iron body with a steel plate construction and similar to a lot of english anvils ive seen.

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