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Steam hammer and steam rolling mill, CHECK IT OUT

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IronBridge Gorge is a wonderful place for a smith to visit, several interesting museums including the Blists Hill museum. I was there when they were siting in the steam powered shingling hammers as the last UK producer of real wrought iron had donated their factory to the museum when they went out of the WI business. (Lots of early steam engines at that museum too---massive walking beam engines that put out a couple of hp...)

Also the coalport pottery museum, etc.

The Real Wrought Iron Co, LTD sells recycled wrought iron processed by the Blists Hill facility

Abraham Darby first commercially smelted iron from ore using coke instead of charcoal at Coalbrookdale and so really gave the industrial revolution a kick forward as England was short on charcoal but had plenty of coal. The remains of his furnace is still there too.

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We had the BABA (British Artish Blacksmith Assn) AGM there in July this year. About 300 full time smiths from 30+ countries attended for 3 days, it was amazing. I met quite a few from your side of the pond there!

We set that big shed up into 5 or 6 forging stations, and over 3 days Some of the best smiths in the world worked in 'Masterclasses' to make screens to go into the 'pillar of friendship' sculpture.

I had the pleasure of meeting your very own mr Hofi there.

I was a 'sponsor' of the event and lent them 3 Anyang forging hammers.

The shed was then cleared and the big hammer and mill were run!

The arch hammer is a 'Massey' that I have helped to do alot of work on, it is approx 3 or 4 ton capactity, the bottom die is so low as it is really a shingleing hammer.

The hammer is only 'tickleing' the wrought chain links. you could straighten them on a 1/2 ton hammer easily ! :) - it looks good for the crowds though.

Most of the bars go through the smaller diameter rollers on the mill, they often 'abort' and leave it bigger dia if it starts to split, or cool when they miss with the tongs a few times!

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It was the largest blacksmithing event ever held in the UK ! a shameless plug for BABA

Welcome to the British Artist Blacksmiths Association

BABA produce the highest quality blacksmith magazine i have ever seen, you can get the magazine without paying full subs - look at the site!

Apprenticeman - if you send me your postal address to nonjicholson at hotmail.com ill put you the magazine that covers the Blists Hill conference in the post, on the basis that if you agree its a top quality blacksmith mag you tell the folks on here... :)

(footnote - BABA is not for profit, etc , etc. there are just a few very hard working folks who make it happen in their spare time, not me, but I know them all and the effort they put in)

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The BABA conference at ''IRONBRIDGE'' was the best orgenisede and interesting confference I ever attended and demonstrated in.
and the BABA megasine is the best of them all . second comes the '' hephyystos''
but this is in German
have many photos on the ''IRONBRIDGE'' MEETING will post them one day

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Mr Hofi,

I am glad that you enjoyed the conference,. It was the contribution from people like yourself, willing to share knowledge that helped make it so special.

I would like to see your photographs. I was so busy looking at all the activities I forgot take any!

I will speak to you again early next year Mr Hofi, ( your key knocking out gift is giving me very good service, thankyou ! )

Everyone have a happy & peacefull Christmas & New year,

Best Regards to all, John

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