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Railway bolt what metal

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Hi everyone,

I work for the rail company in Tasmania and some of the guys out in the field heard about my little hobby and said they would start bringing me stuff in. The first delivery has arrived.

It is nearly an inch in diameter and about 4 inches long with a large mushroom head. The guys here are not sure if it is cast or not, or what steel it is. Hoping someone here might have some information. The bolt was used on the rail line so I imagine it wouldnt be mild steel. It is not galvanised either. They gave me about 10 in total.





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Its steel.  Just had a look in the little book that came with my office (my office was the dogspike office at Cardiff Railway Workshops NSW).  It says that dog spikes were mild steel, rail bolts depending on the application were a little better grade of steel, sort of like a 1040.  The book says they were "red end" and "red end" has a brinell of 121HB and a tensile of 28 (I'm presuming that is tons per inch).  No reason to suggest that Taswegian Rail was any different in material selection.



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