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Hello From Shelbyville, KY


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Whats going on fellas?


I am from Shelbyville, KY and honestly have not really smithed any thing yet.  I have helped some friends do some castings, but I think I got the "bug",  My grandfather gave he an old Miller stick welder from the early 70s which means it will last forever and I started my first welding project, a smoker.  I do enjoy working with metal, some of the best days at work is on the manual Mill or lathe making "Custom" or "Just get that <blanking> job done parts."    Any ways, I been planing ahead to make handles for my smoker door because I am getting pretty close to that point, so I got some 1/4" round bar, used my acetylene torch and did a simple handle braid.  Now I am hooked already, bought more metal and have several ideas on the ways to make this simple braid even more cool. (at least in my mind)   So i am sure in the next coming months and weeks I will be going to flea market and see if I can pick up any old black smithing tools and reading this forum for the tons of information that is available.  


See you around.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Where are the pics? We love pics and tend to wonder IF things we can't see exist at all.

Was it a box or barrel weave? Baskets are a good way to go too. Then of course there are all the different twists. Then we can start talking about forging handles.

It's a slippery slope you're venturing onto, best lube up there's no going back.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Box weave I believe is what you would call it.  The picture is before I took a wire brush to it.  I am not going to use this one.  I had an idea to incorporate some steel balls into it.


I am not going to share a picture of my smoker as its the project I am learning to weld and welding sheet metal with a stick welder for my first time does not look very pretty at all. 



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So I had to take some pictures today of our shop because for a possible move. 


Figured I share what I do all the time.  


This is a small lathe


Pair of Old school Bridgeports,  One made in 1958 the other 1964.




And one of the High Pressure Valves I assemble on a regular basis. 




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Wecome, while not in Kentucky, the indiana Blacksmithing Association is very active with 13 sattalite groups across Indiana. Our group meets in Southern Indiana. If you google Indiana Blacksmithing Association you will find a satellite group page and just click on the groups closest for meeting dates and contact info. Our group, the Southern Indiana Meteorite Mashers may be the clossest to you with the Vernon group about a tie. A Saturday in a real forge with a smith to show you hands on is worth alot when you are starting out.

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