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I need a tong design

Black Ink

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Could someone please help me .I'm collecting and making stuff pay check to pay check as I'm sure most of you did when you first started,but I have yet to get,make or been able to buy a good set of tongs.The 2 pair I have now are job specific and mild steel so I'm frustrated.On the good side I just got my hands on a nice 1/4'' garage door spring,and what I really need is a tong design with alot of different uses .Could someone help me? Please!!

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The IForgeIron Blueprints should get you started

BP0097 Brazing Tongs
BP1004 Woop Tongs
BP0303 Swivle Link Universal Tongs
BP0080 Tongs 02
BP0228 Tong Rack
BP0083 Tongs 03
BP0098 Tongs 100
BP0099 Tongs 200
BP0219 Pincher Tongs
BP0015 Tong Rivets
BP0079 Tongs 01
BP0314 RR Spike Tongs
BP1006 Tong Clips

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I just got two of Glen's tongs from GS Blacksmith Tongs one holds 3/8 squareand one pair is a 5/8 square bolt tong for RR spikes

also, go to Link removed at the request of anvilfire and look at blueprint 132

that was my first tong and I still use it today.

I just found out that if you follow "Sean Conner's ET tongs" also makes a firm gripping set of blade tongs.

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