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  1. No Larry you use a bare wire that faily cheap.Ive heard of farmers and body men using coat hangers.You use a neutral flame for welding .And if you get good Tig will be even easier.Oxy/ace is alot of fun and very forgiving
  2. I did it in diving school underwater habu68 you start with and arc and cut the power off and the lance burns on o2 , Ive seen speciel forces use a back pack rig from a distance at school also. Great tool hard to control.
  3. All the boilermakers I know put it in a battery drill and grind parallel with the trigger on,and I like to put a tiny flat spot on the tip for a more consistant and controlable arc.
  4. hillbilly 6010 does not handle shock very well I would hate to see you waste your time.
  5. larry fill those plates up!!!!when I was in welding school we started with a 3/8'' plate and our teacher would make us weld on the same plate till it was 1.5''or more.Fluxcore was one of the trickiest welding styles to learn for me cause the molted steel and flux are so close in color.The best advise my teach gave me and I hope it helps you is dont just watch the puddle look 360*,in other words watch where your going and where you been.Hope it helps.
  6. A good way to keep your liner clean is to poke the wire through an earplug so its between the roller and the opening for the gun feed this will keep grit out of your liner.
  7. thanks guys I'm gonna see if the supplier will give me a credit or take it as a trade.
  8. Does anyone know if theris a safe way to use a forktruck style propane tank for a gas forge.I bought one thinking it would work but the boys at the welding supply say no.Please let me know. Jason
  9. Dogvet you can also drill your holes before you temper.
  10. Stefano st#125 is truely a gentalmans knife.
  11. thats HRC48 above the hamon,52 below and this is wierd 58 on I what I guess is called the heat affected zone. Not bad in for around the house...
  12. Steve, the wood is heart pine I salvaged from my houseand I got the color from mix oil painting paint with a dash of mineral spirits, then brush on wipe off and it stains the lighter part.I dont think the darker grain in this wood will take stain. The metal is a pry bar I bougt at a swap for 2$. Tomorrow I'm gonna do a hardness test on it at work I'll let you know how it turns out.
  13. Just finished this one took me 2 weekends.
  14. Hillbilly your welds look nice and uniform.If you want less spatter with the 60 wire turn your amps down,or you arc length is to long.How long have you been welding?
  15. I was thinking of trying to compress refuge from french fry grease into bricks.(after someone filters it for diesel alt fuel.)But 2 things stop me...1 I dont have a coal style forge..2 I dont know anyone who filters it. Anyone think it would work? I think it would work but Im not sure about the mess or how long the bricks would last.
  16. I used to inspect trash burners and I got minor lead poisoning.Let me just tell you that it is the worst feeling in the world.Always feel like you been up for 3 days scatter brained I stay away from lead every chance I get.If you have kids strip in the shed and wash your hands with cascade .
  17. Thanks Ice all i have for turbulance now is a washer welded on the end of the outlet pipe, i was thinking of twisting a spiral and putting it in the outlet I wont know till saturday though . I need money for propane.
  18. I think I remember not to long ago someone asking about a blackspot in thier NA forge and people were suggesting a blower well...One of my forges is a 10" I.D compresser tank with a 2" inlet vertical and I'm lucky enough to have an Industrial air mover for a blower.My problem is that I get a blackspot on the bottom of my forge,also I cant for the life of me get forgeing temps .I get just there but no cigar ,and if I add to much gas the flame goes carberised.I cant find a Cfm on the motor. Any suggestions TIA Jason:confused:
  19. The company I work for Xrayed some burned remains of a charger recently I dont know the outcome they took thier film and left . Interesting
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