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Makers mark

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I am looking at getting a makers mark done so I can mark my work. I have the design already but am having trouble with finding someone to do it.

So far I have contacted about a dozen different engineering/fabricator metal shops and only one has got back to me and quoted approximately $850 for a treated tool steel punch with the design being about 30mm

The other day in town I found a tiny little store with a guy who does leather and metal work and he said he can do it for $150. I am most likely going to use him as a.) it supports a small local business, b.) he will do it by hand and has done loads before. Also the fact that he is nearly an 1/8th of the price helps too.

Would like to hear your stories (and see your marks) of how you got your makers marks made.

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Contact stampman a member of this site. He and his business does this type work professionally for the industry and individuals.

The size and complexity of the stamp may influence the price of any stamp. Stampman can advise you in that area.

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I'm on the other side of the world where it seems we cannot make such things. I was more than happy with Columbia for my touch mark. They made it exactly as I wanted and even with hefty freight the price was reasonable.

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