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Picked up a few Blowers.


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I gathered a few items while up at the cottage. First was the vice then i picked up this early 1900's Royal Western Chief sitting in the corner of an old shop. I happen to also find the old fire pot there too in another room. I was super lucky because the shop was closed and the lady saw us pull in and opened the doors for us on her holiday. It spins really nice and blows really strong for being that old. I found the flyer for it online. The firepot looks like the one on the flyer too.





A few weeks before i got the one above i found this Canada Blower & Forge Co. from Kitchener Ont. I thought about selling it but then decided to hold onto it and set it up on my portable forge.




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They both blow really good but the Canada blower has no wood on the handle and its feels a little stiffer but it is a smaller gear set in it. The Royal keeps going after i let go for awhile. Anyone know if you can use lucas in it? I know they take a heavy oil but it would help coat the gears a bit better.


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Wow I always have used a light oil; tried a heavy oil once and it was like I had put a brake on the thing!  I'd be wary that a heavy oil might be solid during the winter.

Down this way they sell a lot of oil in plastic squeeze bottles with a long tube on the end for lubricating swamp cooler motors and axles and I've used that for a dozen years now as we always have some on hand---I tend to buy a new bottle every late spring swamp cooler set up session and toss the old one into the forge supplies.

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