Little Melting pot

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Please feel free to disprove my guess, I'll look forward to your results. 

Sorry, too busy; I have to go iron my smithing shirts.

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No. Just a regular lead swinger.


That's just dead mean, I think I'm gonna go sit in a corner and sulk! In the mean time you go and get hayfever & diarrhea Together!!!!:D

@ WL , no I don't fish anymore, I used to live in Capetown and go deep sea fishing every day & the novelty kinda wore off. We get a fair number of folk who come and stay at our place in La Lucia and a lot of them go deep sea fishing, they bring home the catch and they 'abandon ' it in our freezers(I never complain).

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ianinsa - I had to think a bit about potential uses for a while.

I finally remembered the use of a lead bath for tempering blades, springs, chisels and punches.

I saw this technique demonstrated over ten years ago by Lloyd Johnston, another smith who lives in my region of Ontario, Canada. Lloyd used a lead bath over his coal forge to temper a replacement spring he had made for a leg vice. It's difficult to maintain a low steady temp over a coal forge to keep the lead from fuming (definitely not healthy), so the electric temperature control is a bonus. The disadvantage of the pot you have is the small overall size and shape of the pot. Since the temperature is a known, as is the mass being tempered, time becomes a more predictable variable.

Not an ideal repurposing of the tinning pot, but the best of what I've been coming up with.



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