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Hooks and bulldogs

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Got a little forge time yesterday after the kid's 11th grade registration. Ongoing hook project: the lovely wife has a collection of cast iron and brass trivets, all different and most requiring custom hooks to hang properly on the wall. Flower theme to go with the sunny yellow kitchen. Upper left is for a cast iron trivet with a tiny hang hole, upper right for a trivet I forged a while back, stands well out from the wall.

Lots of requests from dog owners for leash hooks that don't feature a dog's butt (go figure).
My first attempt at a Lyle Wynn style bulldog.  Copied the pics from the gallery, perused to put in the correct order and then numbered and printed out to make a tutorial I could bring out to the smithy.

Fun, have to practice it a bit more to get the nose right and make a little punch to make the nostrils and mouth shape.  Looks just like my dog.

dog hooks.jpg


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The gold look comes from brass rubbed on with a brass brush when warm (not too hot or it just vapourises). Be careful buying brass brushes - some of them are brass coated steel. Take a magnet with you!

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